Preparing to return

In twelve days I leave for Mozambique to work as a volunteer for Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs Farmer-to-Farmer Program.  I’m excited to see the country after so many years of peace.   In 1994 I was an election monitor for Mozambique’s first multi-party elections and was based in Pemba, Cabo Delgado.  In 1990, I worked on an urban agro-forestry project in Matola Rio just outside of the capital Maputo.  At this time I also traveled to Quelimane and saw some of Zambezia province. mozambique_map_cities2

This time I’ll be based in Sofala and Manica provinces, places I’ve never been.   When I first learned I had been chosen for this assignment I was hoping to track down old friends and colleagues in Maputo and was disappointed that I would not even spend a day there.   However, when I learned that the current average life expectancy is 42 I decided it was just as well that I wouldn’t be able to look for old friends.

Earlier this week I bought a Lonely Planet travel guide to Mozambique.  To me it seems strange, but wonderful that a travel guide even exists!  If I can find some free time I’m hoping to see Gorongosa National Park.  In 1990 it was completely impossible to travel there as RENAMO had its headquarters in the area.  In Chimoio, where I’ll be spending the majority of my assignment,  I’ll be able to see Cabeca do Velho, a large rock formation that looks like an old man.  I had forgotten that in 1994 I brought friends t-shirts featuring a picture of The Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire and everyone mentioned a similar formation in Chimoio.  Unfortunately I will never again see the Old Man in New Hampshire as he fell down in 2003, but I am looking forward to meeting Cabeca do Velho.


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10 responses to “Preparing to return

  1. Carol Moore

    Hi Kathryn, I am not sure what you will be doing on your trip but I am sufficiently jealous. Take care of yourself and take in the experience. I read your entry and look forward to reading more. I have only been to London and Jamaica (1x each).

  2. João

    Thanks for sharing with us Kathryn, I miss Africa (was born in Angola). Your photos and description carried me back there. I hope you’re enjoying Africa again…the people is unique in the world.
    All the best in Moçambique.
    Adeus Kathryn.

  3. Emma

    Yay, Kathryn!!! I can’t wait to read more about your adventure. It’s really cool that I will be virtually travelling with you! Thank you.

  4. Mom

    I wish I were going, too. I look forward to the stories and more photos. Take care.

  5. Leila

    Have a great trip! I am looking forward to checking in on your blog regularly and reading about your return to Mozambique. Meanwhile, I am happy to visit with you kitties as needed.

  6. Jonathan,Daniella, and Willa

    Have safe travels tomorrow and enjoy your time. We look forward to reading your blog.

  7. Elaine

    Look at me go, I found the blog! Be safe, take lots of pictures and help out those farmers! Hope you have a wonderful time and a great experience. Talk to you soon, it is fun to stay current with you while you are on your travels.

  8. Peter

    Great to see the latest news on your blog.

  9. Mom

    How about using corporation instead of cooperative? However, if they know anything about the “success” of corporations in the US , they may not be interested.



  10. Astrid

    Hello Kathryn,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Our experience in Tanzania this June had quite a few similarities. Also, nice mix of photos and text. Just right! Astrid

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