Been busy…

Six years.

I’ve been busy at energy-sapping jobs and writing cover letters, often with help.20180428_174155

One weekend I entered an essay contest to travel the world for a year on $50 a day. I did not win.

I recovered in Italy, Croatia, Cuba, and on Wisconsin farms and by Michigan lakes.


Sylvania Wilderness. Watersmeet, Michigan

Old Barn Highland WI

Old barn. Highland, Wisconsin


Vestibule, Diocletian’s Palace. Split, Croatia

IMGP4169 (2)

Olive harvest. Pistoia, Italy

IMGP4955 (2)

Urban agriculture. Havana, Cuba

In mid-July I quit my office job to spend a year in Malawi as a U.S. Peace Corps Response volunteer to refresh, revive, rehabilitate, and rediscover. Unfortunately, I did not medically clear in time to make the mandatory departure date at the end of August. I’m now available to take on new opportunities and— officially in perfect health.

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