Profiles of Vegetable Wholesalers- Chimoio, Day 10

Eliza and Elaida have been in the tomato and cabbage wholesale business since 1997 and buy and sell year round.

Eliza and Elaida at Mercado 25 junho

December and January are they best months for business. In order to start the business they asked their husbands for a 500 mt. (about $17) loan. In the beginning they could only afford to purchase two boxes (about 30-35 kilos each) at a time. Now they purchase 20-30 boxes at 130-150 mt/box three or four times a week and sell them for 400-500 mt/box.

Fernando only buys and sells onions (both dry and green) and runs his business year round.

Fernando at Mercado 25 Junho

Unlike Eliza and Elaida he has a fixed space at market, but it is unclear how he got permission for this space as he only pays the 5 mt/ daily vending fee. He built a shelter over his vending space. This year he is working with five farmers in Nampula. To get there he takes a chapa, and then transports the sacks (80-95 kilos each) of onions to the main road using the farmer’s ox cart.   He waits on the road until a large truck comes along and picks him up. This is a side-business for the drivers so he usually does not have to wait very long. According to another wholesaler it takes two days to get to Nampula and two days to get back. He pays 80 mt/ 80 kilo sack for transport which cost him 600 mt. each. He sells these sacks for 1,500 mt/sack or in smaller amounts for 20 mt= 1 kilo.

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  1. Christine

    Wow, it looks as if you are diving in and getting a ton done. It would be nice if you could stay long enough to really accomplish something big. You seem like just the person to really get things organized and get things done. Can’t wait to hear more details when you return!

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