The Best Coke in the World, Chimoio, Day 15

Today I imagined a joint advertising campaign from the Mozambican Tourist Board and Coca Cola. Come to Mozambique, relax on our pristine beaches and drink the best coke in the world. I don’t drink much coke when I am in the States. I don’t really like it, but when I lived here nineteen years ago it was a regular habit. I always bought it in a bottle rather than a can because the bottled coke was made in Mozambique and the canned was made in South Africa. It was somewhat of a political statement, but I often joked that the bottled stuff really did taste better. We I returned to the States I quickly lost my coke habit as it just did not taste the same. After having my first coke here a couple of weeks ago I thought wow this really does taste good. It must be all those great memories influencing my taste buds. While getting a tour of the Chimoio ShopRite and talking about products made in Mozambique we passed the soft drink display and both Elizabeth and I said something about how we liked coke in a bottle. Christina our ShopRite tour guide told us that we were absolutely correct. Coke made in Mozambique is made with mineral water with a Ph value of 6.0 which when mixed with the same Coke syrup used all over the world brings out a slight different flavor than Coke made in the United States or Europe. I’m not at all certain if this happens in other developing countries, but if you think Coke tastes better somewhere else, you might be right.

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