Pickled Carrots and Zambezi Chicken- Beira, Day 26

On my first night back in Beira I had one of my best meals so far. Without asking I was served spicy pickled carrots as an appetizer and instead of sending them back I ate them and then asked for more. I conferred with the waiter and the following is an approximate recipe.

First slightly cook the carrots in boiling water. Then slice into rounds. Chop some garlic into small pieces and mix with the carrots, olive oil, vinegar, and pimintao (slightly spicy pepper- something like hot paprika) and let sit overnight in the refrigerator.  Before serving salt lightly and garnish with parsley.

Frango a Zambeziana consists of ½ chicken (breast, leg and wing) marinated in coconut milk and then grilled. It was served with coconut rice. I have memories of other ingredients such as piri piri sauce, tomatoes and parsley, but this was simple and delicious as served. Tomorrow I go in search of the best matapa in town.

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